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Erhm. Hello, Ladies and Jellyspoons. I'm 18 in Las Vegas. I like RHPS, fava beans with a nice Chianti, my cat Spencer, being shirtless, reading, sounds and sights and tastes, and you.

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"My response to the “I am not a feminist” internet phenomenon….

First of all, it’s clear you don’t know what feminism is. But I’m not going to explain it to you. You can google it. To quote an old friend, “I’m not the feminist babysitter.”

But here is what I think you should know.

You’re insulting every woman who was forcibly restrained in a jail cell with a feeding tube down her throat for your right to vote, less than 100 years ago.

You’re degrading every woman who has accessed a rape crisis center, which wouldn’t exist without the feminist movement.

You’re undermining every woman who fought to make marital rape a crime (it was legal until 1993).

You’re spitting on the legacy of every woman who fought for women to be allowed to own property (1848). For the abolition of slavery and the rise of the labor union. For the right to divorce. For women to be allowed to have access to birth control (Comstock laws). For middle and upper class women to be allowed to work outside the home (poor women have always worked outside the home). To make domestic violence a crime in the US (It is very much legal in many parts of the world). To make workplace sexual harassment a crime.

In short, you know not what you speak of. You reap the rewards of these women’s sacrifices every day of your life. When you grin with your cutsey sign about how you’re not a feminist, you ignorantly spit on the sacred struggle of the past 200 years. You bite the hand that has fed you freedom, safety, and a voice.

In short, kiss my ass, you ignorant little jerks.”


Libby Anne (via awelltraveledwoman)

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Anonymous ASKED:
Suck my dick


haha and then what ;)

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not as many people arguing for bisexual tony stark because then they’d have to admit that tony is bi as hell for rhodey

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Dragons cant blow out their candles and thats very sad to think about

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i cant stop thinking about modern era muggleborns having silly inside muggle jokes like. one day its passing period and everyones in the halls and someone yells “I SAY HILLSHIRE YOU SAY FARM” and several muggleborn kids go “HILLSHIRE”, “FARM”, “GO MEAT” and the rest of the hall just stews in uncomfortable confusion


i’m gonna name my firstborn “arial”

and people will be like “oh like the mermaid”

and i’ll say “no like the font”



Cards Against Humanity.

I’m a big fan. Well, I bought this.


It’s great. It hold all of my shit. But it holds something else too.

If you have it, open your box.


You see how I started to tear away at the top of the box there?

Do that.

Do it carefully.


Holy shit.

There’s something in there. What could that be?


There’s a card.

There is a card literally hidden in the top of the box.

But what card?


I fucking love these people.

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